Peter Milton “Sight Lines I: Tracking Shot”

Notes on: Shootout in Verona

In SHOOTOUT IN VERONA, paparazzi have arrived into the wrong place at the wrong time for a masked ball, here being thrown by the feuding families of a famously fated pair of lovers. In the ensuing disarray, the shutterbugs are catching the contagious "feuding bug" and the newly quasi-gunslung photo-istas start aiming their 35 mm weapons at each other, turning the scene into shades of John Sturges's "Gunfightin the OK Corral." and Henry King's "The Gunfighter".

The architecture is the interior space of Alberti's 1590's cathedral in Mantua. Time travel run amuk, the ceiling has lurched backwards into a 12th C gothic vaulting and then morphes forward into the 17th C. refinements of the fan vaulting in the Bath Abby in England.

Squirrelly wordplay and B-picture nostalgia aside, the splendid basilica rises above it all, restoring all my lapses in taste, however questionably treasured, back to the original heartfelt testament to seriousness and spiritual soarings that started the whole thing in the first place.

The edition of 90 prints is divided between a small version (19 x 30 inches) numbered 1-45/90 and a larger version (23 x 37 inches) numbered 46-90/90.


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