Notes on Special Editions (Roman numeral editions)

Between 1974 and 1999 nineteen prints were printed with special editions for Impressions Workshop and Szoke Editions. These prints are numbered using Roman numerals rather than Hindu-Arabic numerals. Each of the prints listed below has a Roman numeral edition and a Hindu-Arabic numeral edition.

For more detailed information about print editions, including paper type, state proofs, additional proofs and edition status contact one of the listed print dealers, or see the book, Peter Milton: Complete Prints 1960-1996.1


Impressions Workshop Special Edition: spacer image
Print Title Roman numeral
edition size
Second Opinion 15  
Collecting with Rudi 15  
First Gate 15  
April's August 18  
Card House 18  
Daylilies 18  
Sky Blue Life 20  
Rehearsal 20  
Before the Hunt2 20  
Szoke Special Edition:  
Print Title

Roman numeral
edition size

Stolen Moments 20  
Time with Celia 20  
Hotel Paradise Cafe 20  
Water Music 20  
Soundings 20  
Train from Munich 25  
Mary's Turn 20  
Nijinsky Variations3 20  
20th Century Limited 20  
Pavane4 20  

1 An oversight left information about the Special Editions for Stolen Moments, Time with Celia and Hotel Paradise Cafe out of the book Peter Milton: Complete Prints 1960-1996.

2 There is a small gap in the Special Editions after Before the Hunt until Stolen Moments. There are no special editions for Family Reunion, Eros Errant, Sanctuary's Edge, or the Country Pieces (The Couple, In the Park).

3 There was no Special Edition for Nijinsky Variations (second state).

4 End of Special Editions.


October Piece (cat60a) was revised from the original October Piece (cat60) and printed in a Roman Numeral edition of 30 prints. See Peter Milton's notes.

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