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Thanks to:
Robert K. Benites
James A. W. Heffernan
Irving L. Finkelstein

For their contributions to this website.

And to:
Robert Townsend
Who, over the years has contributed greatly to the aesthetic of these prints.
His technical and artistic expertise in the printing process has been invaluable.
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Images Images on this site come from the following sources:
  1. 600 dpi scans of b&w 8x10 inch transparencies.
  2. 600 dpi b&w scans of images from "Peter Milton: Complete Prints 1960-1996."
  3. 2700 dpi scans of color 35mm slides. Some of these color scans have been converted to b&w.
  4. 72, 240 & 300 dpi digital color photographs of the prints.
  5. 600 dpi color scans of the prints.
  6. The original digital Photoshop files (digital images).

The specific source of the image used for each print is included in the "Notes" section on the print's individual information page. The original source of some images is unknown. Please note that "Detail" images are not necessarily taken from the same source as the primary images. Some details are in color while the primary images may be in black and white. Photographers include Dana Salvo, Robert Townsend, Steve Mann and Doc Mackey.

The prints themselves exhibit subtle colors. The inks used range in hue from blues and browns to black. Some prints are printed with an additional plate coated with a contrasting ink to provide depth to the image. The papers used in the printing process vary in tone from white to buff.

It is impossible to recreate the true scope and impact of Peter Milton's work using digital media on a web page. The rich visual complexity of the prints can only be experienced by seeing them in person. Look for a dealer, or public collection in your area. The "C.V." page lists public collections that have prints in their collections.

All images used on this website have been approved by Peter Milton.

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Contact Peter Milton can be contacted through any of his dealers.
Pricing When first published, etchings range from $1000 to $3600 depending on size and complexity. As the artist's reserves from these editions diminish, prices are adjusted accordingly. Certain works now well exceed $10,000. Please contact one of the listed dealers for information and pricing of specific prints.
Catalog Numbers Although there are 142 prints listed, only catalog numbers 1 through 140 have been used. Two of the prints (15 and 60) have second states that are identified by the letter "a" suffixed to the catalog number. Other second states are listed with a unique catalog number.
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